These few islands are all that you know. Beyond that it is void and death. Ocean and infinitude. This place is one where humans rule and racial diversity is a rarity. Mules exist: half-orcs, half-elves, and, half-Sahuagin. The half-sahuagin are the most trodden. Their existence is only made possible by a cruel magical intervention as they would otherwise lack the ability to live. Often they have breathing problems unable to be either undersea or on land. A rare few have been magically altered to perfection, but most are hidden in the muck of each island’s lowtown.

These abominations exist rarely and are the result, usually, of an unwanted union. But they give off the appearance of multitude due to their uncanny ability to congregate. The union that creates these watery mules is made possible by the alliance between the rough government of the island chains and the grand tribes of the Sahuangin. They usually trade in such immaterial things as political alliance and military protection. However, there is one city, shunned by most, that is itself a hybrid. Half of it on land, the other half under sea.
These islands are each small, with the largest stretching only 400 miles across (this is an outlier by a couple hundred miles). A small island only 15 miles across would be right at home. Each island specializes in different trades, with none of them being particularly self-sufficient. Our adventurers come from the far western island of Absalom, unique for being covered entirely by the city of the same name. Spanning twenty miles by 15 miles this island is the port to the fishing world. The in-between belongs to the Sahuangin and so the landers don’t dare bring nets on their inter-island journeys.
Each Island is made up of five lords. Lord Dirn is a minor lord of Absalom in charge of the bulk of the islands’ military. He keeps a strong force, well-fed and well-trained. Our adventurers, for whatever reason they choose, have come to Lord Dirn’s army to find a place amongst his loyal troops.

Fate and Gyre: an adventure.