Fate and Gyre: an adventure.

4 adventurers walk into an inn

“Your group has recently come together, you met at a bar as somehow you all realized you were on your way to join up in lord Dirn’s army. As you approached the training grounds you were told to leave. Clearly you were a group of work-shy adventurers looking for a cushy job amongst the ranks. You tried to explain you had just met each other coincidentally but Captain Nosh doesn’t hear you out. The gates are closed and you are turned away. You didn’t know what to do so you decided to all just go back to the pub. To mull things over and generally bitch about what was going on. Each of you for your own reason was excited about the possible employ in Lord Dirn’s army, you were geared up and ready to go and after your initial conversation at the pub you all figured yourselves to be shoe-ins. You enter the pub to find anarchy, clearly there had been a recent battle. ‘Adventurers’, the bar-keep keep shouts ‘you’ve got to help Yargos and his buddies some of Nessian’s goons have take them towards the stunted maw, the cliff at the south end of this lane. We sent for the guards, but they don’t give two kobalds tails about what happens in low town.’”



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