Fate and Gyre: an adventure.

Here we go

Fitz, Alyeria, and Phil were turned away from the barracks as they attempted to enlist in Lord Dirn’s army. They returned to the bar and were urged by the proprieter to help her save the scholar, Yargos. They sprinted down the alley to the stunted maw a short cliff falling down to the ocean. Marla, the barkeep, led the way knocking one thug off the cliff with her dagger while tackling the another into the watery depths. The other three quckly dispatched the remaining thugs while Marla began her long climb back up the cliff. Phil the wizard, failed to notice an illusary ground and stepped off the cliff tumbling down into the water, fortuantly after the fight has ended. Everyone eventually made it to the top again, and Yargos and his buddies were freed of their shackles.
Yargos quickly tells the group that it is imperative that they find Nessian and stop him from destroying the city. Yargos confessed his foolishness in uncovering the secrets of the black eschelon, that dangerous undead force that one could manipulate into the city’s destruction. Nessian stole his secrets and Yargos urged the party to help him retrieve them.
They begin to follow Yargos through some Alleys but a blinking signal light halted Yargos’ movement. He informed the party that they needed to save the city’s grain supply.
The group moved into the grainery, attempting caution, however Fitz, the halfling bard squeakily opened the door into the area that the black eschelon had begun to poison.

Fits stepped up and laid a healing hand onto one of the undead foes causing it searing pain. However, Fits was quickly surronded by the undead minions whose aura silenced his comedy. He was battered to near death until Alyeria drew some of their attention by ending one of their numbers. A mist quickly spread obscuring the party’s vision. Phil brandished his cane and started bashing the undead skulls.

Despite Fits’ quick wounds the group overwhelmed the startling apparitions. Giving the poison to Yargos for him to archive.
They then moved on to visit grandmaster Torch to find out Nessian’s whereabouts. He initially requested 1000 gp but quickly realized the party’s funds fell short by far. He instead used them to open up some chests that he had discovered, informing him of how they work. However Fits once again starred in the blundering. The fifth and final chest, the devil dial, broke as Fits was fiddling attempting to open the chest. Surprisingly the party were cautious enough not to attack the half-giant the occupied one of the chests. Here fits once again shined as he told the brute a joke to cheer him up.

Torch was pleased and so informed the Party while also giving them some money for performing better than he has anticipated.

The group then worked their way towards Nessian’s layer. Fits started things off getting shot at by an archer. Alyeria then ran around to begin the Melee battle, drawing Nessian’s fire. The group dispatched Nessian’s goons quickly, but his pet, Marrow Chomper was able to fell the wizard before being dispatched by the barkeep.

Nessian eventually fell. However as he did he reached out to his Sorcerer bloodline attempting to call on doom to the party. However he reached out beyond his power opening himself up to the denizens of the other plane. One came and controlled his body creating an abarition. The group launched into attack as the beast swiped its massive paws at Aelyria. The massive beast, however, was quickly dispatched as Captain Shorn arrived striking down the beast.

The captain offered the group entry into Lord Dirn’s armmy. Not as a part of the bulk force but as apart of a commando squad.

4 adventurers walk into an inn

“Your group has recently come together, you met at a bar as somehow you all realized you were on your way to join up in lord Dirn’s army. As you approached the training grounds you were told to leave. Clearly you were a group of work-shy adventurers looking for a cushy job amongst the ranks. You tried to explain you had just met each other coincidentally but Captain Nosh doesn’t hear you out. The gates are closed and you are turned away. You didn’t know what to do so you decided to all just go back to the pub. To mull things over and generally bitch about what was going on. Each of you for your own reason was excited about the possible employ in Lord Dirn’s army, you were geared up and ready to go and after your initial conversation at the pub you all figured yourselves to be shoe-ins. You enter the pub to find anarchy, clearly there had been a recent battle. ‘Adventurers’, the bar-keep keep shouts ‘you’ve got to help Yargos and his buddies some of Nessian’s goons have take them towards the stunted maw, the cliff at the south end of this lane. We sent for the guards, but they don’t give two kobalds tails about what happens in low town.’”


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